Australian is visiting Las Vegas and has some questions …

    Chris, an Australian reader of TFB, is heading to Las Vegas for work and emailed me asking if I could post these questions on the blog for y’all to answer.

    1. Are there any reputable firing ranges in LV?

    2. Would I be able to hire any firearms will at said range? (as I am not going to go through the dramas of bringing firearms through Aus/US customs)

    3. As an Australian shooter – I have only ever fired bolt action rifles – anything else is too restricted or outright illegal here – would I be able to fire something more ‘interesting’ in LV – (ie auto/semi auto/large calibre etc)

    4. Would I need any sort of particular paperwork to be able to shoot (other than regular ID) and if so, would my firearms license and Sport Shooters Assoc. ID be of any use?

    Steve Johnson

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