Review of the Daniel Defense Carbine

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Caleb has reviewed the Daniel Defense’s new DDXV Carbine and finds, like Mark Twain, rumors of their demise have also been greatly exaggerated.

It’s built right, and it’s built to shoot. From the factory you get an accurate, functional rifle with excellent iron sights – you don’t need to do anything to this rifle to make it an excellent home defense carbine. It terms of “no-muss no fuss” defensive weapons, the DDXV does very well for itself, providing an accurate, lightweight platform at a reasonable cost.

Mrs Caleb also got a turn with it.

Read the whole review at Gun Nuts.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Leisureguy Leisureguy on Aug 05, 2009

    Wouldn't a shotgun make more sense for home defense?

  • Sean Price Sean Price on Aug 07, 2009


    Where can a lover of AR-15 platform go to learn how to build one? I know nothing of these guns except they are awesome!!! I mean I would want to build one ONLY because then I would LEARN COMPLETELY how this gun works in out to the every last bolt I would imagine..

    but for a guy who's NEVER even fired an AR, wouldn't it be safer and easier to buy this XV one? I mean for $999 its ALMOST a steal!!

    Why are people comparing this to the Colt 6920? I keep reading that its manufactured to the same specs as COLT but with better stuff on it, magpul this, smoother trigger that... but the 6920 comes with 2 mags, and a carry case I thought..this comes with but one mag..

    but yeah, I would love to build my own AR...

    EVERY GUY on the internet keeps spouting they can build a better quality AR for $700-$900, and that it would consist of better components and gear FAR superior then what COLT uses..


    my email

    phabeon [ at ] hotmail


    thank you in advance!!