Emergency AK-47 magazine drill video

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This video demonstrates a fast AK-47 magazine change technique. The video author calls it the “Shayetet 13 style”. Shayetet 13 are an elite IDF marine special forces unit, similar to the SEALs. I would be surprised if they were the sole inventors of this technique, it was more likely simultaneously discovered by AK-47 wielding soldiers around the world.

Remember, this technique is for emergencys only, doing it repeatedly could wreck your magazines.

UPDATE: I posted the wrong video. The video above is now the correct video.

Hat Tip: FromanMD @ MP.net

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Davidoff Davidoff on Jan 22, 2011

    Looks like he took the original video down but here is another one.


  • Jim Jim on Mar 09, 2011

    It's nice to train in this technique, but for a few bucks you can modify just about every AK-47 with RAM's extended magazine release. It's a super affordable mod, around 30 bucks, and installs in about 10-20 minutes depending on your level of "gunsmithmanship" lol. It's also pretty snag free for an extension. Not that the AK-47 is a very "snag free" profile to begin with, but you will get the gist. Great Video while it lasted, but the mod may want to find another one as it appears this one has been "removed by user" on YouTube. Cheers for the great vid.