The TC Venture exceeds MOA guarentee

    David E. Petzal has tested and written a brief review about the new TC Venture. The new sub-$500 budget bolt-action rifle not only meets but exceeds its 1 MOA guarantee. Just look at these groups David was getting with a variety of loads:

    Federal 168-grain Match–.789”

    Federal 165-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip—1.195”

    HSM 165-grain soft-point–.855”*

    Nosler 180-grain E-Tip handload–.919”

    Winchester 180-grain Power Point—1.163”

    Berger 155-grain VLD handload–.667”**

    I cannot wait for it to come out in a short action. A .308, 7mm-08 and .243 would be awesome.


    Read the review at The Gun Nut

    Steve Johnson

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