New FN Five-SeveN Standard model

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The FN Five-SeveN Standard is a new model from FNH USA. The Standard has fixed three dot combat sights, while the other models feature an adjustable rear sight.

The MSRP is $1316.56, which I presume is less than the other models because of the cheaper sights. I have emailed the PR person to confirm this.

The FN Five-SeveN chambers the 5.7x28mm which is a round marketed at law enforcement who can use it with ballistic-vest penetrating ammunition that is not available to civilians.

UPDATE: These are actually better sights than the other models which have a $1237.50. Thanks to David for the info.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Check out this Check out this on Jul 14, 2012

    Wow, that's what I was exploring for, what a stuff! existing here at this blog, thanks admin of this site.

  • Badkarma 1 Badkarma 1 on Jul 22, 2012

    With all due respect to the "ballistic experts" above, your looking at this cartridge all wrong! Think 5.56/.223, and go from there, this cartridge is dependent on velocity to do its job, not bullet weight. And I too enjoy the Tokarev round too.
    But I like st the 5.7 from a different angle, backyard varmint/vermin control! This round has great possibilities for taking out fox, groundhog, raccoon, skunk, hell even coyote! All without the problems of over penetration, are extremely loud muzzle blasts! The carbine could stretch out past 100yds. on the smaller critters and the handgun is just about perfect for nailing a vegetable garden raider!
    Can it be used for defense? Sure, it still launches a bullet and bullets DO HURT! But I think it is a better short range varminter for us least till one of the big three ammo makers get on board with this round and give us a decent bonded bullet for penetration AND expansion!
    Plus it's just a plain nifty round too boot!