K98 Mauser Photos

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Mike, a reader of TFB, bought a K98 Mauser from Mitchell’s Mausers and emailed me some photos.

Mike says …

I also have a Yugo Mauser from them. The Yugo was made in 1946 at a German plant after they were kicked out. The K98 was made in 1941, the quality isn’t as good as the Yugo one.

It didn’t come with a sling, just with a “military strap with buckles” (read, Mosin Nagant sling), and they were out of some of the goodies (new ads reflect that), but I’m happy. I wanted a German Mauser and got one.

Many thanks to Mike for emailing me the photos.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Ken Ken on Oct 30, 2011

    They have 3 grades for sale? which one is this?

  • Jake L. Jake L. on Apr 13, 2012

    Please, if you think you might some day be interested in collecting, dont buy a mitchells mauser. All collector value is gone in these rifles, that said, they are typically excellent shooting rifles and are the perfect candidate for modifying in any way you see fit.