Saddam's Glock 18C may go on display

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The NY Times reports that the Glock Saddam Hussein had with him when he was captured may go on display at the George W. Bush Presidential Center

Before Mr. Bush left the White House in January, he made arrangements for the gun to be shipped to a national archives warehouse just 18 miles north of his new home in Dallas. His foundation said a final decision had not been made on including the gun in the presidential library. But his associates and visitors to the White House said Mr. Bush had told them of his intention to display it there.

I actually had no idea the pistol found on Saddam was a Glock 18C. In my mind I always pictured him clutching an old Makarov. The Glock 18C is a fully automatic machine pistol and is probably the best choice of weapon for someone hiding in a spider hole, although the pistol was ironically unloaded at the time he was captured.

Hat Tip: Conservative Scalawag

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • D D on Mar 08, 2011

    Yea....a dictator can own a full auto but not us serfs....

  • Jason F. Jason F. on Mar 10, 2011

    I believe doing whatever and owning whatever the hell you want is part of the whole basic dictator package. Maybe my marketing brochure is outdated though.