Extreme Shock SRT: low powered .223 100 grain load

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Extreme Shock have introduced a .223 Remington load called that the Short Ranged Tactical (SRT). It is very low powered producing just 745 ft. lbs. of muzzle energy, approximately 57% less energy than a 62 grain 5.56mm NATO round (SS109). This is about as much muzzle energy as a 10mm Auto round fired from a pistol.

Like all most of the Extreme Shock range, the bullets are made from compressed tungsten powder enclosed in a copper jacket. The round fragments when it hits a hard surface. As the name suggests this round is not intended for long range gun fights. It is a short range round suitable for self defense when over penetration of a standard 5.56mm or .223 Rem. round could have serious consequences. Extreme Shock says the round has enough energy to cycle a semi-automatic action.

The SRT’s 100 grain projectile is a frangible, lead-free design that will fragment on harder surfaces that would typically cause a lead-core bullet to ricochet. This projectile consists of a compressed tungsten powder core that is encased in a high quality copper jacket, with a special DuPont coating to reduce the velocity. This all works to produce lower recoil and minimize muzzle flash, thus enhancing the ability to acquire second shot placement faster.

The MSRP is $41.27 for a 20 rounds. Not at all cheap.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Matt on Sep 13, 2009

    how much do you wot for your 223 100 grains bullt i have a 223 rem. thank you matt if you wot to call me at 972 423 1474 tank you matt

  • Russell Russell on Mar 28, 2010

    i purchased 60 rnds a year ago. the first box of 20 three rnds failed to exit my 11.5" bbl.icalled the mfgr the response was nil,no concern.very bad.i used a puller to find why. no powder in some of remaining rnds