Steyr AUG A3 Disassembly and Internals

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I asked Dave, who blogs at LetsKillDave and is a reader of TFB, to take photos of the internals of his new civilian Steyr AUG A3 rifle and he was kind enough to oblige.

16″ barreled AR-15 vs. 16″ AUG. The bullpup length advantage is obvious.

AR-15 bolt vs. AUG bolt. Very similar design.

I highly recommend reading Dave’s blog post. I learnt a lot about the AUG design that I did not know before.

Thanks Dave.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Peter Peter on Jun 30, 2009

    The AUG is a great little gun. I used them for 4 years in the NZ Army. Not the best for shooting at night though. Ours came with the built in factory optics which mitigated its effectiveness to some degree, I envied my Aussie Army counterparts who had the forsight to issue their forces with models to which they could apply their own optics/scopes. The AUG is an awesome and versatile weapon with the right optics... and field stripping is a peice of cake. Not the best configuration for millitary drill though.
    I miss my baby...

  • Peter Peter on Jun 30, 2009

    Yeah - by about 17 years. :-)