Worlds most expensive muzzle brake?

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Guess how much this Knights Armament muzzle break sells for …

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The Answer: About $450!

The muzzle brake is made from one of the Inconel family of nickel-chromium superalloys and claims 40% reduction in recoil.

Thanks to Jay for the link.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Austin Green Austin Green on Aug 19, 2012

    $437. The inconel and EDM are marketing jazz designed to appropriate suckers for a $437 muzzle device. The TTB does control rise and limit flash on 16" barrels, but the cost is excessive. Battle Comp makes a device with similar performance for $155MSRP and we make our M4SD Comp for $84.95 MAP. This month we're bringing out a flash comp which provides this sort of muzzle control coupled with better flash reduction for equal $84.95 MAP.

    The M4SD Comp in recent testing performed well head to head with the TTB and BC 2.0 at US Shooting Academy, and the Flash Comp comming this month will improve flash reduction to the extent that the KAC device performance will be available for 20% of the cost.

  • Ramon bondez Ramon bondez on Jun 10, 2014

    I think I would spend a few hundred bucks more and get a suppressor. Better flash, recoil, and sound reduction