Leupold RX-600 and RX-750 TBR Rangefinders

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I recently blogged about the new rangefinders from Leupold. Jeff, their PR guy, emailed me to say they also have two cheaper, lower ranged versions of the new RX-1000 coming out soon.

The RX-1000 model

The RX-600 and RX-750 can be used out to 600 yards and 750 yards respectively, but otherwise have a feature-set similar to the RX-1000 . No product photos or pricing information are available yet.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Lindsay Lindsay on Jul 12, 2009

    Do you happen to know how the RX-750 compares to the RX-II? Both say they have the TBR (according to Cabela's), but the RX-II is $20 more. Leupold doesn't even have the 600 & 750 models listed on their website, yet, though they are available from Cabela's (on backorder).


  • Brian Brian on Sep 13, 2009

    I'm interested to hear the answer Lindsay gets about the RX-750. The Leupold website says the 750 has a built-in inclometer....is that the same as TBR? Does anyone know how the RX-750 compares with the Nikon Monarch 800?