Brownells shipping M16 magazines with anti-tilt follower to military

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

In March Brownells were awarded a contact for 1.4 million M16 magazines. They have just shipped the first 60,000. Interestingly these have a new propriety anti-tilt follower, instead of the normal green follower.

The new military magazine manufactured by Brownells

Larry, from Brownells, told me that the follower will unfortunately not be available to the civilian market as part of the contact prohibits them from using the design for any other purpose than the military.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Larry weeks Larry weeks on Apr 30, 2012

    Drawing actually has "Colt" on it. Uncle Sam is not trying to keep them out of civilian hands, it is just that when you sign the contract, you agree NOT to use the drawings or information provided to make something for anyone but the government. With those strict contract terms, we don't want to sell to anyone else - it'd be kind of obvious where they came from. I think only Brownells and Center Ind. have provided the new follower to the govt. Eventually it will be made by everyone for everyone, just like the green follower and the bodies. I've never had a problem with the green followers, they run fine in my guns.

  • Larry weeks Larry weeks on May 01, 2012

    Daniel, we have heard of the Picatinny design, as Marc mentioned at the show, and this could well be the same. All I know is that the drawing reads "Colt". You are correct about the licensing of intellectual property, and your other statements are all correct. It was a good conversation at NRA, amazing the people you run into there, and how knowledgeable many of them are. I'm not a mag expert, I've just watched us go through the contract process with a great deal of fascination, and try to keep up on what is happening; plus what I know from shooting my own AR quite a bit.