La Quinta hotel hates The Firearm Blog

    That is not a blog title I ever expected to write … Michael Bane was using the Wifi access at one of the La Quinta hotels. After accessing TFB they blocked him because of “questionable traffic…”.

    Am on the way to the airport in a couple of minutes…I wanted to post more, but the airport hotel I’m in, La Qunita, whacked my Internet access because of “questionable traffic…” That would, I suppose, be guns. I signed off their service and booted my 3G model. Interestingly enough, the specific site that got me was The Firearms Blog, which I like to check every day.

    Interestingly enough The Great Firewall of China does not block the blog:

    Picture 7-30

    So you have been warned. When in China, reading TFB is all good, but in the United States at a La Quinta hotel, stay well away if you need the ‘net 😉

    Steve Johnson

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