New Nighthawk bolt action rifles: Tactical and Hunting

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Nighthawk Custom have introduced two lines of high end semi-custom bolt action rifles.

The Nighthawk Tactical series is available with either their own hunting action, which includes a bolt-on picatinny rail, or a Surgeon action which has a picatinny rail machined into it. It is stocked with a Manners Composite Stock that can be finished in a Perma Kote color scheme of choice. The rifle can be chambered in .308, 7mm Remington Magnum, .300 Winchester and .338 Lapua.

The Nighthawk Hunter series is similar to the tactical series. The main differences are that it is only available in the Nighthawk action, it can be stocked with a HS Precision stock instead of a Manners Composite stock and can be chambered in a variety of hunting cartridges.

No prices are listed … in other words they are very expensive.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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