Military operator reviews SCAR

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

fluwoebers, who must be in one of the SOCOM units, has written a must-read review of the FN SCAR, both light (5.56mm) and heavy (7.62mm) models.

Reciprocating Charging Handle
I remembered to keep my thumb down most of the time, but while practicing switching back and forth between strong hand and week hand, the charging handle caught me.
My thumb slowed it down enough that it caused a FTF.
It was not painful enough with 5.56 to learn my lesson.
I did it again with 7.62. That hurt.

“Softness/Brittleness” of plastic
The polymer is very dense.
It is a little on the soft side, so it is not likely to crack very easily.
It is not so soft though that it bends or deforms easily.
It feels like a pretty good balance in strength and rigidity.

Bottom Line:
The SCAR is a good system. I’m not ready to give up my M4.
As the SCAR evolves over the next couple years, it will be a top-of-the line rifle.
I’m not convinced that it is worth the cost to purchase and train on a completely new system.

I highly recommend reading the whole review. It is very comprehensive.

Big thank you to Jay for emailing me the link to the review.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Lance Lance on Jul 20, 2009

    I agree with the article Im NOT a SCAR fan myself. Too much plastic and a flimsy butt stock. I uch prefer the HK-416 or the new Colt Advaced carbine. I do read of alot of Spec Ops units in the Navy refusing to hand over there M-4 for SCARs. I think the most promising rifle that the Delta Force tried and liked is the HK-416.

  • Destroyer Destroyer on Apr 03, 2010

    I view the skepticism with the SCAR no differently than how the M16 was treated during its introduction. Reading from the review, the SCAR was brand spanking new, so unsurprisingly, double feeds occur during the break in process because of the tight tolerances.

    If polymers and plastic work better than metal, then i have no problem using them. The SCAR is just in its infancy, though it amuses me how quick everybody is to "forget" about the M16's flaws when it was first introduced. It is not just "plastic". It is a specified polymer. Similar to saying a Romanian AK is the same as a Russian one because it is "made of metal". Generalizations are very rarely true.

    I have yet to see the "see saw" effect on gas piston AR15's (that DI mongols are always screaming about). I must have awesome luck, because the three models that I own work quite well despite thousands of rounds going through them (bushmaster XM15 ES2, LWRC M6A2, and Olympic Arms with a osprey defense conversion kit). I enjoy my civilian SCAR 16S (as well as its competitor, the Robinson XCR) and will see how long it lasts versus AR15 rifles of direct impingement and gas piston operation.