Ever seen a gun being shot? I mean literally?

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

“PooFire” was using his car as a barrier to practice shooting over (NOT a good idea) with his AR-15 but forgot his revolver was placed on the car roof. His S&W Model 442 Airweight took a 5.56mm bullet to the chamber.

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He knows what he did was idiotic, and as someone at AR15.com said, he has balls of steel posting it on the internet. So don’t mock him for it!

Thanks to Jay for the link.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Chriso Chriso on Aug 18, 2009

    Just a dumb story from last summer:
    A buddy of mine was firing his dad's WW2 bringback (an Ortgies .32) that he had sold me. He had never fired a semi automatic before, and crossed his thumbs. The sear carved a nice groove in his thumb. Sadly this also tophatted the spent shell. He's bleeding like a stuck pig, and can't grip the slide to clear it and make the gun safe because it is too slippery with blood. I can't help due to my hands looking like q-tips from the previous day's attempt at burning them off. We finally secure the arm and walk back to the cars. He looks for a towel to wipe the gun off. I tell him 'nah, leave it. You never know when someone else's DNA on your gun will come in handy' At least we had a nice back stop.

    • Steve Steve on Aug 18, 2009

      @Chriso "You never know when someone else's DNA on your gun will come in handy"

      HAHAHA, good one.

  • I wish Smith & Wesson come back with the .44 Bulldog I love that gun and mine got stolen from me by some neighbors cause u never know who u living next door to a crazy nut a rapist a serial killer u just don't know these days and anybody say they do they are a damn liar