Remington Model 597 VTR Photo

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Linda from Remington emailed me this photo (UPDATE: or CAD rendering, thanks Erni) of the new AR-15 style Model 597 rimfire. More info on the rifle here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Mike Mike on Jul 08, 2011

    Hey Chris, FYI.....I've tried "all" different types of ammo. Not just "cheap bulk" ammo as you put it. In my gun the Stinger 1640 actually cycle the worst! Real lucky if they dont jam every second shot

  • Cody Cody on Jul 26, 2012

    I bought the 597 VTR without reading reviews like I should have, instead buying it based on the sale price and the Remington name. I must say I am VERY dissatisfied! When I first got it I had FTF, FTE, double feeding constantly. I took it apart and polished the rails, now it ejects every shot. But the magazines still fail to feed the first 5 rounds of every clip, and a couple through out the magazine. I gets very annoying! Other than that it shoots very accurately, and I love it, but the FTF's get very annoying.

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    • Chris Chris on Aug 03, 2012

      @Cody Since my last post I have replaced the hammer and extractor, polished the guides and the bolt. As fate had it, after I posted last, I started having ftf and fte issues. I did the work listed above and now have 1000+ rounds through without a single issue. Go to the website I am linking to below to get the parts and you will be pleased.