Chinese MP5 style 9mm submachine gun

    I know I said I was not going to blog for the next few days but I am very excited to finally see photos of the new Chinese made submachine gun I had heard about.


    It looks a lot like what I would expect the child of a Sig 550 rifle and an H&K MP5 submachine gun would look like. I actually think it looks pretty good. Not much is known about this gun. It chambers 9mm less-lethal rubber bullet rounds (effective range of 10-80 meters) and 9mm Parabellum. The intended users are law enforcement.

    It features a folding stock, H&K style diopter iron sight and quick detach red dot sight.

    Grenade launcher attachment. Probably for less-lethal / crowd control ammunition.
    Note MP5 style forward charging handle.

    A few more images:


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    Hat Tip: china_police at

    Steve Johnson

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