Ruger teases us : “Another platform redefined”

    The Ruger website now features a flash animation saying they have developed a project that will redefine a weapons platform. Michael Bane confirms this on his blog:

    Got to race down to Boulder to pick up a big ole Ruger box this AM and get to the range…once again, a spectacular new product announcement scheduled for the NRA Show…and, of course, you’ll see it as it happens on DRTV Friday.

    He says a “big” box … so maybe it is a long rifle … AR-15? Shotgun? 1911?

    I well placed source of mine who has seen the product tells me it is a very cool product! Unfortunately that is all I know, and even if I knew more I would probably not be able to say 🙁 Us plebs will have to wait till the NRA convention to find out.

    Picture 25-3

    UPDATE: As many of you noted in the comments. Ruger unveiled a AR-15. Read my coverage here.

    Steve Johnson

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