Traditions Performance Vortek muzzleloader

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Traditions Performance Firearms have developed a new muzzleloader called the Vortek.

The rifle utilizes a break open action and has the proprietary Accelerator Breech Plug installed, which allows the user to quickly dump an unfired load. The barrel is ported 360 degrees to reduce muzzle rise and has Williams fiber optic sights installed.

MSRP ranges from $390 for the blued, standard stock model, to $470 for the soft touch camo stainless model.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Sean Sean on May 11, 2009


    Being a muzzle loader lets you use it during some states primitive weapons season. Also, it would be difficult to get the powder/projectile seated right without an air gap from the breach to the powder/projectile and that could cause enough pressure to bulge the bbl.

  • Tod derkas Tod derkas on Jan 07, 2010

    I hear this is a good gun. how good is it not based onn the web page blog?