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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Wyn Boniface who blogs at Boniface’s Treatise (previously called Kaiservontexas’ Musings) has been blogging his progress his first AR-15 build.

Spike’s Tactical Stripped Lower
MagPul CTR Stock *dark earth*
MagPul Enhanced Trigger Guard *black*
MagPul MIAD Grip *dark earth*
LMT 6 Position Buffer Tube
LMT Castle Nut
Wolf Spring for buffer assembly
H Buffer
Brownells End Plate aka Backing Plate (I should have gotten one with a sling point, next time)
Stag LPK (Lower Parts Kit)
LaRue Tactical DMR-16 complete upper receiver assembly *I was not sure about time constraints and decided to skip building my own upper.*

Brass Punch Set (something China made but in the MidWay Catalog I see DPMS sells it)
Bushmaster Armorer’s Wrench for Carbine Stocks
ProMag Vise Block
Rubber Mallet/Brass Hammer
Pivot Pin Installation Tool
Carpet Cutter, razor blade to hold small things down to slide objects past
A Long Screwdriver for the screwing in the grip

Well worth checking out if you are considering building an AR from a stripped lower:

Projekt AR part 1
Projekt AR part 2
Projekt AR part 3
Projekt AR part 4
Projekt AR part 5

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jdun1911 Jdun1911 on May 02, 2009

    This is the video that I recommend when building your first AR lower.




    WEAR SAFETY GLASS. I can't stress this enough when building firearms. You are dealing with springs and small metal parts that can fly straight into your eyes if you screwed up.

    The last built I did four weeks ago I had the forward pivot detent launched directly toward my left eye. It was stop by my safety glass.

    Roll pin punch are good investment. Unlike normal punch they are design to knock out roll pin without slipping. It's a must have tool for all gunsmithing.

    I didn't watch his video but one thing that I highly recommend is to grease (non-graphite) the threads on the extension/buffer tube to prevent galling.

    I was thinking about doing a video on how to assemble an upper. It actually easier and faster to do then the lower if you have the right tools.

    • Steve Steve on May 02, 2009

      @jdun1911 jdun1911, thanks for the links. I am pleased you did not lose an eye!

      Another tip is when dealing with a small spring that is liable to shoot off is to do the assembly inside a clear plastic bag. Safety glasses are still required, but it prevents losing a spring or small part if they shoot off.

  • MNStan MNStan on May 02, 2009

    We had a phone call about the coating on the takedown detents we sell. It seems it was launched and lodged into a mans eye and they were concerned with what material it was. They seemed to be ok with cadmium plating....that is the last I heard of the matter.