Iraqi Special Forces M4

    This is the first photo I have seen showing an Iraqi solider with a M4 Carbine with all the goodies that go with it.


    A Soldier from Al Anbar’s 9th Battalion, Iraqi Special Operations Forces, storms an entryway during close-quarter combat training on April 4 in Al Asad, Iraq. The ISOF Soldiers are being trained and advised by U.S. Special Operations Forces. “The training will make them better and we are happy to be included,” said the 9th BN commander. “We are capable to make the area safe.”

    (Photo by Sgt. Brandon Pomrenke : Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Arabian Peninsula)

    The Iraqi Army are slowing migrating from AK-47s to M16s and it looks like their Special Forces are getting M4 carbines for good measure. I am pleased to see they are getting the equipment they need.

    Steve Johnson

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