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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

On the previous post about the P6 pistol, I said that the P6 was a clone of the Browning Baby. George corrected me in the comments:

Sorry dude, but you are wrong. The P6 you show is NOT a copy of a baby Browning, but a significantly different design by Bernardelli of Italy. It appears to be a dead ringer for the Bernardelli (VB) vest pocket .25. On this weapon the barrel is dovetailed into the frame and is fixed. The disassembly and triger linkage are also different. The button at the left rear frame below the slide is the take-down, the striker retainer is released to the rear and the slide is removed to the rear-up-and off like a walther ppk. On the other hand, the Baby Browning has a non-recoiling removable barrel that rotates for disassembly and the slide,barrel, recoil spring (double), ans striker, slide off the frame to the front. I am somewhat familiar with various makes and models of .25s because I collected them for a while, probably becaused I was traumatized as a child by my father who refused to allow me .25s and insisted I instead have “responsible” weapons like .38s and .45s. In my old age I realize my father was right and I would now not wish to be caught dead carrying a .25.

My apologies for the mistake.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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