RCI XRAIL (Roth Auto Index Loader)

    The RCI XRAIL (Roth Auto Index Loader) is a auto index loader magazine extension that can expand a tubular shotgun magazine to hold up either 14 rounds (compact version) or 23 rounds (full version).


    This video shows the XRAIL mounted on a Benelli M2 Tactical. The benelli magazine appears to be shortened and the gun can now hold a total of 26 rounds.

    Cropped Web 6 06-26-07 Autoloader U.S. Patent Pending  60.926.991

    Now I will be honest with y’all, I don’t actually know what an “auto index loader” is. This is how I imagine the system may work:

    * Each of those tubes are a magazine.
    * Each of those magazines feeds into the shotgun magazine.
    * Once a magazine is depleted it rotates.
    * The final magazine contains a spring long enough to feed the shells that are in the shotgun’s magazine.

    Because I enjoy making you suffer by awful drawings, here is a graphical representation. The blue box represents the shotgun magazine. The red boxes represents the XRAIL magazines. In this example the shotgun magazine holds three rounds while the XRAIL has three “magazines”, with two holding two shells, and the third a spring.

    Picture 15-17
    First two shots

    Picture 18-13
    3rd and 4th shot.

    Picture 19-11
    Last three shots

    I have watched the above video frame by frame and there is seems to be some additional things happening during the magazine rotation. Maybe I am completely wrong … in which case I would have patented my above idea and not blogged about it 😉


    The system will be able to work on multiple guns. From what I have seen on youtube Benelli and Remington autoloaders work with the XRAIL. I don’t see why this system could not be adapted to work on pump action shotguns, aside from the fact that if would have to be mounted quite far forward.

    A very interesting product. Hopefully it will come to market soon (and probably a video game as well, when game designers get word of it)

    Hat Tip: Tactical Life

    Steve Johnson

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