Magazine Spring Failure

    New Jovian Thunderbolt has written a post discussing magazine spring failure

    I think the “spring tension is shot” excuse is a catch-all reason that is over used when us amateur gunsmiths run out of ideas. Like the way they blame ball bearings for everything wrong in turbofan aviation maintenance.

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    Here is an example of a spring ‘problem’ that wasn’t from the Cooper Commentaries:

    “Our distinguished family member J.P. Denis of Belgium reports that he discovered an abandoned MP40, together with several magazines, in a building that was being torn down. This piece had been left unattended for 50 years with all magazines in full compression, and they all worked perfectly. I think this is marvelous. When you think of the degree to which our culture depends upon springs, it is good to know that spring construction is so well understood.”

    An interesting post. We really do rely on our magazine springs. Read it here.

    Steve Johnson

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