Chinese CQ M4 being sold in Canada

    Canadian gun dealers are importing the civilian version of the Norinco CQ 5.56mm Type A, a clone of the Colt M4. It pretty much a straight clone of the M4A1, complete with 14.5″ barrel, the biggest difference being that the civilian version that is being imported is semi-automatic only.

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    The rifle seems to be well received by Canadian shooters, although the finish is said be be poor. Of the Norinco manufactured firearms I have seen, they tend to be poorly finished. The badly scratched finish can be seen in this photo:

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    This video shows the firearm being used (iron sights and Magpul stock has been installed): are selling it for C$899.00, which seems like a good price for a M4 clone, although I am not sure what M4 AR-15s normally sell for in Canada. Canada is likely the only country where it is being sold to civilians.

    Thanks to Dennis for information about the rifle.

    Steve Johnson

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