HK416 production suspended

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

UPDATE: The Tactical Wire got it wrong. Production was not halted.
Tactical Wire claims that significant problems with the HK416 have been uncovered and production has been halted:

The Tactical Wire has learned from very reliable sources that the US military has encountered significant problems with H&K Model 416s in combat conditions. HK has suspended production pending an internal investigation and inspection of that weapon system.

Very interesting if true. I previously reported that Norwegian soldiers were having problems with their HK416s.

Thanks to Ed Friedman for alerting me to this.

UPDATE: In response to jdun1911: I don’t think this is an Aprils fools joke:

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Warhawk1982 Warhawk1982 on Nov 06, 2011

    I hate to break it to you guys who love the 416 so much, but it's just another piston M4. I'm sure it doesn't do anything that any other piston M4 can't. The operating system of the 416 is the same as the G36, itself a copy of the *gasp* Armalite AR-18. I wish our military would stop outsourcing weapons production to the europeans.

  • Razorx Razorx on Feb 16, 2012

    You guys need to get it together man. the pentagon don't but buy what they want or what is best. They buy what congressmen and senators tell them to buy. Why did the top brass say the xm8 was the future. they spent 30+ mill on a weapon system they just shelved due to some cry-baby antics by colt supported gov officials. The U-tubes are just full of vids on this issue.

    M4's and m16's are good guns but I don't want to bust anyone's bubble, but the m-16 problems are older than me. It was made DI for weight and fire control issues. Nan era designers compared options and found piston systems added more mass for grunts to carry and slowed cycle rates. But due improper testing with ammo not available to solders in the field ( stick powder) and claiming the gun did not require cleaning was just an invite to meet your maker. Almost irresponsible of colt if you ask me.

    Piston systems run cooler, but add more moving parts to fail or get lost in the confusion of a fire fight. Where's the happy balance? who knows.

    Oh, and why is the military bringing back the m14, the reason for the m16 in the first place. (I know the answer,,,,, knocky down powa)

    I do have to agree, the scar is some what of a joke to me. FN could make a gun out of reconstituted fecal mater and the gun world would say, it's a masterpiece! Yah, a piece alright. Colt sucks too.