Springfield XD .45 blown up

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

These photos are of a Springfield XD .45 was blown up after a squib load (a low powered load that does not have enough energy to push the bullet out the muzzle) blocked the barrel and another full power loaded round was fired.

The pressure generated blew off the top of the chamber, caused a bulge in the slide, and gorged the frame and also destroyed the extractor and loaded chamber indicator.

Note the bulge in the slide next to the chamber.

I am pleased to be able to say that the shooter was not injured. He is one lucky guy.

More info at XDTalk forum.

Hat Tip: Blue Gun Blog

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Roger Roger on Jan 13, 2011

    Also, if you use lead bullets in polygonal rifling, make sure to clean the lead out before it builds up enough to raise pressures. It's better to stick to jacketed bullets, unless you're very careful.

  • Dave Dave on Feb 23, 2011

    Makes me wonder if the powder was low enough that the bullet didn't exit the barrel, would it have enough charge to cycle the slide and be able to strip another round into the chamber? Wrong bullet size could of done that. It being slightly larger. who knows but im sure you can tell of a lighter load being shot and this is when the barrel must be checked for an obstruction!

    • Austin tipton Austin tipton on Jan 26, 2012

      @dave its says the low power round DIDNT and never left the chamber in the article there buddy. but shooting another fully loaded round was not a good idea at all, plus the low powered round was a stupid idea in the first place we could all take something from these guys stupidity.