Pink Suppressor on Pink/Black Rifle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Actually its a pink sleeve covering a Advanced Armament Corporation suppressor on a .22 converted AR-15.

Hat Tip: Andy @ The Official AAC blog.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Sven Ortmann Sven Ortmann on Mar 16, 2009

    No (it's a miracle), but I'm not eager to wage war with our bureaucracy for one.

    And I can hardly check the performance on a full auto weapon when said weapon is banned here. I would pretty much need to mobilize someone with access to a Bundeswehr weapons locker plus get the ammo without having a rifle in that calibre...

    Let's say I'm more interested in the experimental results of others than to do it myself.

    Btw, the latest change of our weapons law permits the police to confiscate knives of more than 12 cm length (about 4.7") if they are ebing carried in other situations than trekking and such.
    Now we've got an amok run because someone didn't keep his 9mm in a safe as legally obliged and the stupid politicians are discussing more strict weapon law again.

    The NRA would turn into an IRA if it was a German organization...

  • Heath Heath on Mar 17, 2009

    Here's some pictures of stock that a guy just repainted in pink. He's giving it to his daughter for her birthday.