H&R Handi Rifle in .45-70 Government

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Traction Control has photos of an H&R Handi Rifle chambered in .45-70 Government.

I think it would be too much cartridge in too small a gun for me to handle!
More photos here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse Jesse on Jun 13, 2012

    I use leverevolution ammo in my 45-70. Kicks pretty good but I am big Guy. Love this gun. I have a red dot scope. No magnification. But I hunt in mostly wooded area. 100 yds or less.

  • OldSapper OldSapper on Jan 02, 2014

    I just bought the H&R Handi Rifle 45-70. Very accurate out of the box. Only fired at 50 yards as the snow is to deep at my house to go out further. Given the sorry state of my eyesight and the fact that I was using open sights, I grouped 4 rounds in 3 inches at 50 yards. The recoil is not at all bad. The gun is solid, no rattles or clanks. Cannot wait to shoot more in the spring! I plan on adding a scope and will use this to bag my next deer I think.