STI Eagle now in .357 SIG

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The STI Eagle 5.0 and Eagle 6.0 2011 pistols (not to be confused with the Desert Eagle pistol) will be offered chambered in .357 SIG.

STI Eagle 5.0

According to the latest STI newsletter, they got a lot of request for this caliber at SHOT Show ’09. I am surprised, I did not know that this round was that popular. The .357 SIG was developed in 1994 to replicate .357 Magnum performance in a rimless case suitable for semi-automatic pistols.

.357 SIG cartridge.
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Al Al on Mar 07, 2011

    The .357 Sig is a .40 case necked down to 9mm. It's not a new idea, look up when it was developed.

    Any .40 cal semi-auto can be converted to .357Sig with just a new barrel. Everything remains .40 cal except the bore, projectile, and reloading dies.

    What do you get from a .357Sig? With 125gn projectiles...hyper velocity and nice muzzle flash! With 165gn projectiles...around 1100ft/sec and uber penetration.

    Unfortunately the .357Sig cartridge cannot take much more than a 165gn projectile because the OA length must be similar to a .40Cal. The.40cal can take a heavier projectile because of diameter, and a .45 even more so.

    If I could choose between a .45 and a .357Sig it would be a .45...huge stopping power in a very relaxed cartridge! The .357Sig is more stressed like a .40, and it copes no problem but there's more stress.

    My .357Magnum revolver could not make Major Power Factor in IPSC without exceeding the recommended loading data. My .357Sig semi-auto makes Major well within the loading specs, but nothing like a .45.

    Magazine capacity is another factor. Look at Para double-stack mags... 9mm=18. .40 and .357Sig=16. .45=14.

    So many choices; so hard to choose!

  • Al Al on Mar 07, 2011

    STI and a SVI? They are both top-of-the-range :)

    SVI has more options and more polish, but there's little difference when looking at the target.