Two bullets that hit each other back in the 1850's

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A blog named Odd Russia has photos of what they claim are a French and Russian bullet that hit each other during the Crimea War.

Odd Russia has many more photos but no link to the source of the images. It could be true, or it could be a hoax. I think both the French and Russians both used muskets or rifles of caliber between .60″ and .70″ and I do not know enough about the ammunition at the time to say if the mushroomed bullets look authentic.

Thanks to Jim for emailing me the link.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Mkelly Mkelly on Mar 08, 2009



    During the Civil War, two soldiers’ bullets collided in midair and fused together.


    The MythBusters first tried to mount two Civil War rifles in front of each other so that when fired, the bullets would collide in midair. However, this proved impossible because they were unable to get the guns to fire at the same time. Instead, they aimed a single rifle at a bullet suspended in the air. The fired bullet hit dead center, and the MythBusters found that both bullets had fused together into a single mass. Though incredibly unlikely, it is possible for two bullets to collide and fuse together in midair.

  • Joe haas Joe haas on May 31, 2009

    I used to own 2 civil war bullets stuck together from a collision in mid-air.
    It was actually legally bought from a museum in the early 70's.
    It may have been from Gettysburg.
    It's true I saw them and they were still attached to the museum card explaining this fact.
    I only wish I still had them.