Review of CMMG Immortal Magazines

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Albert @ The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles has reviewed the CMMG 28 round Immortal magazine for the AR-15:

CMMG claims that no other magazine offers greater performance under extreme conditions. It has their new stainless steel anti-tilt follower which features superb stability, minimal drag and unmatched durability.

The new CMMG braided wire spring gives 40% additional pressure over standard USGI springs. A nano-ceramic plated braided wire spring protects for over 400+ hours against salt sea spray.

Read the full review here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • JAFO JAFO on Nov 25, 2009


    buzzwords, and siduse of them at that.

    That wire is NOT braided. It's twisted.

    Nanoseramic coating, eh? While 's robably a ceramic coating along the lines of header ceramic, it's doubtful it involves anything on the nanometer level.

    In all, probably just a bunch of buzz to "justify" $50 a mag.

    Mags are disposable items. Duh?

  • JAFO JAFO on Nov 25, 2009

    hmmm, I see CMMG are being clever and selling the followers and springs as retrofits.

    $6 gets you both items. I can certainly live with that!