Mossberg big muzzle brake coming to .17 and .22 rifles!

    Mossberg’s big muzzle brake, which I call the BFMB (Big “Fraking” Muzzle Brake), first seen on the Mossberg 500 Roadblocker shotgun is coming to the Plinkster line of semi-automatic and bolt action .22 and .17 HRM rifles. Four models will be available with the BFMB.

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    Plinkster Brake Tip Down38177 817Tdownbrakevarscope-1-1
    Model 817 with scope, thumbhole stock and tip down stock (used as forward hand grip)

    Plinkster 702 Brake 37151 702Withmuzzlebrake-2
    Model 702 autoloader

    Plinkster 802 Brake 37130 802Withbrakerimfirescope-2
    Model 802

    Plinkster 817 Brake Bipod 38176 817Withbrakescopebipod-3

    Model 817 with scope and bipod.

    From the press release:

    Muzzle brakes are now available on the following models: the standard 702 Plinkster® (.22 LR autoloading), the scoped 802 Plinkster™ (.22 LR bolt-action with 4x scope) and the scoped model 817 (.17 HMR with 3-9×40 scope). In addition, muzzle brakes will be fit onto a scoped model 817 with a thumbhole stock and Tipdown forend (.17HMR with 3-9×40 scope), and lastly, an 817 (.17HMR) will offer a complete package of a muzzle brake plus an upgraded 4-16×50 scope featuring sun shade, flip open lens protectors and a bi-pod.

    I have questioned the effectiveness of muzzle brakes on a low powered cartridge, such as the .22 LR, many times on the blog but this sure looks cool. Do I want one? Hell yes I do 🙂

    Thanks to Kim for the photos.

    Mossberg Cartoon 2
    The difference is subtle.

    Steve Johnson

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