Ballistic vest designer shoots employees point blank

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Miguel Caballero, a Colombian, is a designer of ballistic vests for military and police and “bullet proof” fashionable clothing. Apparently he requires all new employees to be shot while wearing one of his ballistic vests! Here is a video showing blogger Erik R. Trinidad of The Global trip being shot point blank by a .38 Special revolver.

Even through I posted that impressive video of a guy being shot point blank with a .44 Magnum and .308 Win., I am still amazed at what little effect on the target the bullet has when it impacts a ballistic vest. Sure, I do understand the physics, but still!

More videos of people being shot by Miguel are here.

Someone from posted the info about Miguel Caballero. Thanks.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Kevin Kevin on Sep 20, 2010

    If it was me, the employees would be shooting the boss, not the other way around. :)
    Nice blog BTW

  • Pat Pat on Apr 01, 2011

    I have shot 4 whitetailed deer in my lifetime, and all of them did, in fact, fall down instantly. They weren't exactly "bowled over", but their legs buckled and they fell on the spot. I will admit that one of them got up and ran a considerable distance afterward. (It was a difficult shot, but that should never be used as an excuse for poor marksmanship, and I still feel bad when I think about that). I shot one with a .30-30, one with a .308, and two with a .270. I'm pretty sure the deer didn't know that they were "supposed" to collapse, but they did. I can only imagine that a human shot in the same manner as these deer should also collapse or "fall down" immediately. Like the deer that got up and ran, I suppose that a human who sustains a less than lethal injury should also have the capacity to flee. I'm fairly sure that an adreniline charged fight or flight response would take some precendence over television indoctrination and the current culture.