Steadicam mounted rifle

    muck @ came across this photo of a G3 rifle attached to a Steadicam.


    While it is very cool looking it is also very impractical. Shooting sticks are a much better idea. If the shooter need to lie down or quickly maneuver he just drops the sticks.

    450Px-Steadicam And Operator In Front Of Crowd

    The correct use of a Steadicam. Photo from Wikipedia.

    UPDATE: So it turns out this concept was used in the movie Aliens. I have not seen any of the Alien/Predator movies. Only in the past few years have I began to start appreciating sci/fi after reading a couple of the classics. Some Alien movie pictures:

    “Colonial Marines Technical Manual” – Thanks to Jimmy for the scan

    “M56 Smart Gun”. From IMFDB. Thanks to Linoge and Redfezwriter for the link.

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