Videos of guns blowing up

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Always wear safety glasses! A few videos from YouTube illustrate why.

[ Definition: Firing out of battery: when a round is fired before it is fully chambered. Instead of the expanding gas being forced out the barrel it wrecks havoc inside the gun) ]

AR-15 blows up, not sure that happened. Out of battery?

12 Gauge single shot shotgun blows up. A home made shell apparently caused the problem.

He seems to have a problem fully closing or cocking the shotgun. Maybe the shell was to long and it protruded slightly out of the chamber, causing the explosion. Anyone got a better explanation?

The slide is blasted off a blank firing pistol.

A homemade pistol blows up. The barrel shoots off and the shooter gets the steel primer cap embedded in his arm.

AK-47 blowing up. Out of battery. This is an old one I have posted before on the blog.

Safety glasses are your friends. These are WileyX tactical glasses.

UPDATE: A bonus video. The bolt action barrel is plugged causing the barrel to split. [ Thanks to UraniumHead for the link ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • True Blue Sam True Blue Sam on Feb 15, 2009

    I was given an old single shot 16 gauge by an uncle who told me it was popping open when he shot it. His pile of shells he gave me with the gun had numerous 20 gauge shells mixed in. He was lucky it did not hurt him.

  • Stutz Stutz on Nov 27, 2011

    WREAKS havoc, not "wrecks". Why does nobody know this? Havoc means chaos. Wreck means to ruin or destroy, but wreak means to cause. You don't ruin or destroy chaos, you CAUSE chaos, so you WREAK HAVOC. Goddamnit.