Glock mounted glass breaker

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

FAB Defense, an Israeli company, makes a picatinny rail mounted glass breaker for the Glock.

A pretty interesting device. It appears to need to be cocked first and then triggered when it hits the glass, unlike emergency window breakers which come cocked from the factory and need a significant amount of force, usually 12 lbs, applied to release the spring.

It is selling for $124 at this website which ships internationally.

Hat Tip: Blue Gun Blog and GunPundit

UPDATE: Manufacturer name and website provided by DoubleTapper. Thanks DT.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Richie Richie on Nov 29, 2009

    These things are actual designed for tactical entry.
    Say a entry team stacks up on a bus,the way it is done is by members of the assault team on both sides of the bus but on alternate windows(on ladders) so the is no chance of blue on blue,and front and back of the bus.Team members will enter front and back of the bus,if any of the bad guys duck down behined the seats the assaultier on that window can break the glass the take out the threat in one motion.

    But not that much use for anything else.

  • Ozinga Ozinga on Nov 25, 2010

    well... safety glass is pretty tough, and this is supposed to break it, right? So lets keep in mind it doesn't have to be used on glass. if you were to run out of ammo and don't have time to reload couldn't you punch it into some ones forehead, collarbone, chest plate, knee, or any other boney part of the body to achieve crippling effects??? you just gotta think out side the box.