GSG-5 SD: The story behind the gun

    American Tactical Imports will be selling the GSG-5 rifle in an SD configuration. The SD is patterned after the MP5-SD, a suppressed variant of the MP5. The main difference between the SD and the standard GSG-5 lies in the bigger stouter fore grip which is patterned after the MP5-SD integral suppressor and a fake over-barrel suppressor. It will be available in April/May as a complete rifle and later in the year as a conversion kit.

    Gsg 5 Sd Poster

    What is really cool is how the gun came into existence. Chris from ATI told me that last year after the original GSG-5 was introduced they noticed many people on the GSG forum voiding their warranty to achieve the SD look. Late last year they flew to the GSG HQ in Germany to discuss these modifications. They worked out a plan.

    This is a fantastic example of a company listening to it’s customers. I wish more gun companies would do this.

     Wikipedia Commons A A2 Heckler Koch Mp5
    MP5SD3. Photo from Wikipedia.

    Steve Johnson

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