Indian gun runners stealing arms from state arms factory

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Gun smugglers in India have been stealing arms and ammunition under the nose of the the Ministry of Defense. With insider help they have been stole weapons and ammunition from the state arms factory Indian Ordnance Factories (IOF).

Times of India reports (emphasis mine):

Apart from 25 guns, including five rifles, police found over 6,000 rounds of ammunition, three pen pistols and eight fake gun licenses. It was the arrest of Ashok Mondal and five of his aides that led police to a trader’s house and one of the biggest arms haul in the country.

Investigators have found that the gang used fake gun licenses to procure sophisticated weapons from the factories. “Without help of some ordnance factory employees, it is impossible to smuggle out arms and ammunition,” said an investigator. CID officers seized more than 6000 bullets of different calibres manufactured by ordnance factories, including bullets used in AK assault rifles.

In a country where firearms are heavily restricted and, I believe, imports are rare or non-existant I would have thought this kind of this would not happen.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Scott Scott on Feb 05, 2009

    I find it funny how they have to mention AK specifically. Thank the media for making it probably the most evil weapon of all time. Even more evil than a-bombs. It isn't a story or have the glitz of tragedy if the AK does not rear its ugly head, even if the story has nothing to do with it.

  • DirtCrashr DirtCrashr on Feb 06, 2009

    Maybe this is where the Mexicans are getting all their guns. They sure the hell aren't coming from CA gun-shows.
    The Indian Government, power following after power, maintained the same limitations that the British had established. But guns and shooting is a pretty expensive "sport" in a country where there poor are in such vast numbers and "hobbies" generally have to be things that don't add additional living costs - or only very small costs.