Revision Eyewear Sawfly Tactical Eyewear

    Revision Eyewear have developed an impressive protective eyewear lens designed for combat. This video shows the Sawfly being shot by a 12 gauge Remington 1187 shotgun firing #6 lead shot from 16 feet:

    It is hit 37 times (what they say, I did not count) by the 0.11 caliber lead shot traveling at over 1300 fps. Very impressive!

    I don’t shoot birds and so I do not use steel shot, just lead for plinking, but I think high end ballistics glasses like these should be used when shooting steel shot. Unlike lead, steel is hard and can bounce. Last year a friend of my brother lost one of his eyes when he was out duck shooting with his father. The guys father negligently discharged his shotgun into the ground and one of the steel shot bounced back and hit the son.

    Picture 3-21

    The Revision Eyewear Sawfly costs between $89 and $169.

    Steve Johnson

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