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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

CZ-USA is once again importing the Skorpion pistol. What I found really interesting is that the press releases mentions that the gun is features in video games. I have not seen this before. I think most companies want to distance themselves from violent video games.

From the press release (emphasis mine):

Although it was developed for use with security forces, the Skorpion was adopted by the Czechoslovakian Army in 1961 as a sidearm for vehicle drivers, armored vehicle personnel and special forces. In addition to being featured in many of today’s popular video games, the VZ 61 Skorpion is currently in service with numerous military units, and police agencies around the globe.

The pistol comes with all the accessories you will ever need: 1×10 round mag, 2×20 round mags, cleaning kit, pouch, and an instruction manual on a CD. The MSRP will be $814.

Caliber .32 ACP
Overall length 10.4”
Barrel length 4.52”
Height 6.5”
Width 1.68”
Weight 2.58lbs

The difference between this and the “real” Skorpion is that this lacks full auto (obviously) and the wire stock.


Game screenshots showing the Skorpion:

Golden Eye

Call of Duty 4
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Chris Chris on Jan 08, 2011

    well most games and movies that this, or any other firearm with folding stock almost always has the stock folded. as i guess as it makes it look more cool.

  • Weerd2normal Weerd2normal on Jun 12, 2011

    In alliance of valliant arms, its a 10 shot machine pistol, very good if you have good trigger control, but its a game....