Limited edition “gold” FN SCARs rumored to be botched run

    According to MarineSniper8541 @ (without any collaborating evidence) the limited edition run of FN SCAR 16S rifles with their gold colored upper receivers was in fact a botched run that came out the wrong color. The marketing department then decided to sell them as a limited edition.

    Apparently, the initial factory run of SCAR upper receivers went to anodizing and came back way too “gold” for FN’s specs. (Look at all advertisments, videos and such for the actual FN spec color of the upper, the upper and lower should pretty much match). It has been described to me that the anodizing of parts in FDE is tricky and can come out very “gold” looking if the process isn’t done correctly.

    So anyways, FN gets its first commercial run of uppers back from anodizing and they are very “gold”. FN decides to go ahead and sell this huge batch of “gold” uppers and to call it a limited edition so that they can sell them without having to have them blasted and re-anodized…HAHA!

    The next production run will be in the correct color for the uppers. So in a nutshell, the people paying $4500 for a “limited edition” are getting rifles that were actually screwed up and made in the wrong color. Smart move on FN’s part. They took a botched run of uppers and turned them into a “gold” mine. No pun intended.

    Limited Edition SCAR.

    Standard color scheme

    This is just a rumor, and is not confirmed. If it is true it was a stoke of genius by the marketing department. I actually like the gold look a lot.

    Many thanks to Jay for the link.

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