Scottish police hunt knife owners on internet

    From the you-got-to-be-kidding-me-department. The BBC reports:

    “We’re looking for anyone who is brandishing offensive weapons or blades,” Holly told Newsbeat.

    Even when pictures are taken in private, though, which isn’t technically breaking the law, he says the weapons are so dangerous his officers pay a visit to the people involved.

    “We show the parents their pictures,” he explained, “recover the weapons and make sure they know that behaviour is unacceptable.

    “We have large kitchen knives, axes, samurai swords, baseball bats, a huge number and different type of weapons – in simple terms weapons that can kill.”

    I am speechless. If you take a photo of yourself holding a knife in Glasgow and post it on the internet the police will hunt you down and explain to you that knives are dangerous.

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    $3 Plastic knife: Guaranteed not to offend.

    If William Wallace has been forced to cook food with a plastic kitchen knife he would never have had to heart to take on the British. I think it is safe to say that the Queen does not have to worry about the Scots seceding from the Kingdom.

    Steve Johnson

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