Micro Desert Eagle pistol review

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Reader CBN3 wrote a brief review of the Magnum Research Micro Eagle pistol and provided me with some high quality photos of its internals.

Bought one 12/6. First shot perfect bulls-eye. Range officer said I might as well go home.

A little hand pain atfer a box of ball rounds- all tight groups. Still a lot more confortable and fun than shooting my LCP. 5 ounces heavier but shorter and fits in by back pants pocket better and have carried it there since I bought it.
I think it is the CZ design but better quality materials and tooling being made in America. You can tell how nicely made it is as soon as you chamber a round.

It also has a unique design. Barrel ported and beautiful. Hammer forged and twists to disengage slide from frame, no pin. Has 2 small rods and springs on each side instead of 1 big one in the middle. Leave it to the Czechs. I think the big trigger guard is for a pilots glove. After all if it is the Kevin design, ZVI is a weapons designer and manufactures weapons and ammo for jet fighters. My guess is they made it to be a small carry for a downed pilot.

Just happened to be in the gun shop getting a credit on my returned Kahr 9 mm and was introduced to this thing. Almost didn’t buy it because it was unknown to me but just from the looks of it I knew it wouldn’t be there when I returned to get it.

I’m sold, great gun.

Click to expand the photos.

A big thanks to CBN3 for the great photos and review. If you purchase a recently released firearm and want to write a quick review and/or provide some photos, please contact me.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jon Bodnyk Jon Bodnyk on Mar 30, 2012


    The Micro Desert Eagle I returned to the factory came back with the same malfunction.

    I called Desert Eagle’s customer service and asked what they did to the firearm. I was told they removed a burr on the barrel and replaced the slide and they put 12 rounds through it with no problem.

    I asked if they fed 12 rounds of a Federal Premium® Personal Defense® – .380 ACP 90gr Hydra-Shok® JHP…each round from a full magazine…they replied no. They used another round and ran 12 consecutive rounds through it.

    Why did they bother to request what ammo the firearm malfunctioned with when I sent it in when they weren’t going to validate the repair with it.

    The problem was … AND STILL IS:
     1st time out…with a full magazine…it did not load Federal Premium® Personal Defense® – .380 ACP 90gr Hydra-Shok® JHP rounds.

  • KEV KEV on Aug 15, 2012

    I had to sell of a few guns to help a relative out and my little MDE
    with Marschal's new finger groove grips had to one of them.

    I still have 2 sets of the KEVIN grips in brown walnut for sale.