Top gun mistakes movies make

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This is the one I find most annoying:

KER-CHAK! We’ve all seen this one. The good or bad guy had been holding a shotgun on his opposite number for a while and, just for dramatic emphasis, racks back the pump to chamber a shell. Loud Ker-Chak! Then a take-away line. “Be sure to say ‘hi’ to your mama when you get to Hell!” This is very cool and dramatic and I do love that sound effect. But what this actually means is that the character has been threatening everyone with a gun that has no chambered round. If he pulled the trigger nothing would happen.

GGGaaarrhhh, I can’t stand seeing that in a movie.

More mistakes here.

Hat Tip: SayUncle

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Windy Wilson Windy Wilson on Jan 25, 2009

    Well, if it's a single-action revolver, you need to cock it before you can pull the trigger, and if someone were to draw quickly on someone else with the intent to threaten them, they'd have to cock it as they bring the gun to bear, so there would be some clicking going on as the gun is drawn.

    As long as we're complaining about mistakes, isn't it a gun sight the homies ought to be looking down, not a gun site?
    We could refer to this blog as a gun site, but the little bits of metal on the rifle is a gun sight. I should drink more, I'm getting too pedantic.

  • Wolfwood Wolfwood on Jan 27, 2009

    I've noticed the one-shot-then-slide-lock thing, too; "24" is horrible on this. I want to walk up to the propmaster and say "Here's a snap cap. I know you think you only need one round, but put this one in first. Your producer will thank me later."