Police find homemade submachine gun

    About two weeks ago the police in Winnipeg, Canada, confiscated a a bunch of saw off shotguns, ammo and a unidentified submachine gun that is reported to be homemade.

    Picture 7-19
    Full photo at The Winnipeg Sun

    The Winnipeg Sun reports:

    Possibly homemade, the submachine-gun and five sawed-off shotguns, along with ammunition, were seized at a house in the 400-block of Manitoba Avenue on Jan. 7, police said.

    Three males, aged 17, 27 and 28, are facing almost 120 charges.

    If it is homemade whoever made it did a very good job. Either it is homemade or of a pre-1950ish design. Note that it has a non-telescoping bolt resulting in a long receiver.

    At first I thought it may be an MP-40, but it is not. Can anyone here identify it? Please provide a link to a photo in the comments if you can.

    Regular readers know that I have fascination with homemade guns 🙂

    Steve Johnson

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