Taurus Judge Public Defender .410 / .45

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Taurus have added a snub nosed revolver to their line of Judge .410 Gauge shotshell / .45 Colt revolvers. The “Public Defender” 4510PD model is build on the smaller Taurus Model 85 frame.

It can only take 2.5″ .410 shells unlike some of the newer Judge models which can chamber 3″ shells. It also features a reduced profile hammer.

Photo from casa-z

Two models are available. A lighter model with a titanium frame (see photo) and a standard model with a blued steel frame.


Capacity: 5 rounds
Cartridge: .45 Colt and .410 2.5″ shells.
Sights: fiber optic front sight and fixed rear sights.
Action: SA / DA.
Grip: Taurus Ribber
Cylinder: Steel or Titanium.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Phil free Phil free on Aug 08, 2013

    Winchester pdx1 410 defender caused my 3 inch taras judge cylinder to freeze up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Notadirtdart Notadirtdart on Jan 09, 2014

    I bought the judge years ago when it first came out and was very pleased with it. No issues. I bought the public defender somewhere around 2 1/2 years ago and I love it. I did have some misfires (about 3 times) with winchester 000 rounds. The primer was dented but not deeply. Since my model is the one with the completely bobbed hammer, I'm wondering if it's a case of insufficient mass to push the firing pin into primers on ammo that wasn't intended to be shot from a handgun. BTW, while the bobbed hammer may seem like a great idea for concealed carry, my own preference based would be to have the semi-bobbed like in the newer models. I'm considering going to a gunsmith to see if they can install the newer hammer, which would be faster and easier than shipping back to Taurus. Other ammo I've fired is the federal 410 handgun , and the PDX1. I have to admit I prefer the federal. At a range with the PDX1 I saw a few instances where BBs would hit about 5 feet away from POA at about 10 feet. No idea why, but I decided personally not use that ammunition on the street. Out in the wild, without having to worry about stray BBs, or in a "target rich" environment with no friendlies around, PDX1 would be great. I spent quite a few years in the Army and not to get an argument started with glockers and 9mm fans, but in my opinion the 1911A1 is w/o a doubt the best pistol ever invented. That being said, one squeeze of the trigger on a public defender would be almost like emptying a j-frame into a thug's chest. 4x000 pellets at once is why the public defender is my primary carry. It also helps that I'm a big man, with big hands, so I actually was able to carry the original judge with a 4" barrel in a custom IWB holster. The public defender's reduced profile makes it almost a pleasure to carry without reducing effectiveness. Reading other posts, I can see some people have had problems with their firearms, and Taurus' service. I'm not disputing any of these accounts, but some of them seem to be so extreme that I can't help but wonder if they were written by someone working for one of the copycat companies that have started making .45/.410 models. BTW re: dry firing to check for a defective barrel cone. The initial post is about 2 years old. I hope that the problems are no longer occurring with current models, but if you want to dry fire your pubdef and you're worried about the firing pin, there are several different makers of snap caps out there. I have a couple different brands (A-zoom and Tipton if I remember correctly), so theyre not difficult to find.