LMT MRP 308 rifle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

LMT ( Lewis Machine & Tool) have developed an AR-10 version of their AR-15 CQB MRP rifle called the MTP MRP 308.

Click to expand. Photo Copyright Ken Lunde. Used with permission.

It uses the LMT Monolithic Rail Platform which is a one piece upper receiver and free floating handguard that is machined from sold aluminum.

The AR-15 MRP upper. Click to expand.

The name suggests it can handle the higher pressure .308 Winchester round as well as 7.62x51mm NATO (no, they are not the same).

I don’t have anymore info on the rifle and do not know if it uses the LMT gas piston system.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Tactical Tactical on Jan 07, 2012

    I like the LMT attention to detail but will not consider the rifle until it is piston-driven.

  • Busybee4860 Busybee4860 on Oct 03, 2012

    $4,700 LMT 308 Sharpshooter Rifle...
    Guys, in May 2012 I ordered a $4,700 LMT 308 Sharpshooter Rifle. I received it almost 20 weeks later in in shockingly disappointing condition in the last week of September 2012. It is on it way back to LMT now. The guys at LMT have told me they will make it right. I want to give them the opportunity to do just that. I’ll let you know how it goes…