Vltor Fortis: Bren Ten clone will be in production soon

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The Vltor Fortis is a updated clone of the Bren Ten 10mm Auto pistol (Which itself was a CZ 75 clone). It was announced last year at SHOT. This year a final production model has been on display. It will be available in both 10mm AUTO and .45 ACP. It should be on sale later this year (2009).

Pre-production Vltor Fortis frames.

You can follow the progress of the pistol at the Fortis blog.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Gboyd Gboyd on Jan 11, 2012

    Well it has been literally years since I last even thought about this "project".
    I have sold off ALL my 10 mm pistols, have no 10mm ammo and have given up on the cartridge as a whole.
    I thought this "project" would bring the cartridge back into the public light, but instead it has thrown another shovel full of dirt into the grave.
    I have instead bought MORE 38 Super ammo and kept my nicer pistols.
    Would not hesitate to buy a nice 38 Super. Would never again buy another
    ‘fortis’ has done the 10mm a disfavor.

  • Gboyd Gboyd on Jan 25, 2012

    So it has been some time now since the promise of a new 10 mm pistol.
    In the last year or so I have given up on the 10mm. I have sold my colts off because I fear they will be of less value than when I had bought them.
    Vltor Fortis did the 10mm NO favor. A promise that is seemingly broken with no news and no pistols.
    I have just moved on and am both sad and bewildered that little has been done to promote such a unique cartridge as the 10 mm.
    G. Boyd